A walk through the Fire

Dear Lord, 

When the storms of life come, may we find strength in your word. May we hope against hope, holding onto your word even when the world around us come crashing down.

May You be our anchor through the storms, as we refuse to let go of you believing that somehow out of these ashes, you will without a doubt bring forth beauty as only You Can!


When the dark days come, it is so we can run to the arms of the Only One who can help us- God Almighty.  In the worst times, our only hope for survival, for victory is in Yahweh. Our belief that we will rise above the trials and conquer the adversity must come from the deepest foundation of faith_ in the word of God. 

It is amazing how God enables us to rise above the stubble and wreckage surrounding us. We cast off the garment of despair. God has not stopped using the dark days of our lives to shape, mould and refine us. It is like a process we must all pass through, a test, an examination which results depend on our faith, attitude and confessions.  

The day of judgment for us is one in which our faith is severely tested.  We are stretched beyond the limits. What happens beyond the limits is up to us. The Bible says there is no temptation that has not occurred to man that God has not provided a way of escape. 

Surely the night will end. 


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