My love affair with Shea butter

Hello Nature lovers, 

Today is day 2 of my scar removal journey with Shea butter(also known as Ori) Guess what? My acne scars is less visible already. Like, how amazing is that! 

This journey began yesterday when l was shopping at a local market. On a spur, decided to buy some quantity of the popular “Skin gold”. (Like that 

The incredible thing is that growing up, Shea butter was the one time solution for a variety of conditions in my home. Be it muscle cramps, joint pain, rashes, stretch marks, to treat boils and on occasion as body cream, Shea butter was the answer. 

Sometime, mid last year, l noticed my skin was reacting to something. Maybe a change of soap, cream (not sure the culprit). But all of a sudden, moi, who always had the perfect baby skin had a case of acne. It was quite visible too. Right at the corners of my nose. 

The battle was definitely on! Funbact A to the rescue, I thought. Nada. Next step was skineal, nixoderm(almost desperate), and oh my beloved Apple cider vinegar. After applying Apple cider vinegar for some weeks, using a cotton wool in diluted solution, the acne was defeated! 

But alas, how to get rid of the scars was the next issue. Then, Eureka**blink blink. I recalled that few weeks back, an acquaintance told me to use shea butter to help fade the acne scars. But l shugged off her advice. Suddenly l thought back to the many uses of Ori,  while growing up and how there may be some merit to it. 

That my dears is the beginning of my scar removal journey with Shea butter. 

 So excited to see results already. 

Will keep you updated for sure! 

Shea butter _fading scars since forever. 

Shea butter_  Yoruba word is Ori

A brief background Info

Apparently Shea butter(Ori) has been on the scene since, wait for it…the garden of Eden probably. Lol. Seriously it has always been there waiting for you and l. 

Ori originates from the wild, wild forest of Africa. It is the native(Yoruba) word for Shea butter. It is gotten from the African Shea tree. The pure, unrefined Shea butter (which is best for you) is ivory or off-white coloured. It moisturises and hydrates your skin. It is smooth in texture and softens in your hands, hence easy to apply. Shea butter is rich in vitamin A and E, Oleric acid and MSG. it has numerous uses; one of which is,  it does wonders for your hair growth! 


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