When Creation Speaks

Dear Friends, 
Everything l see and discover about the universe reveals that God exists.

 Long before we came on the scene, God had us in mind. He had this beautiful love story that involved us and Him. We may not fully understand it, but our creation was so detailed, planned and perfectly executed! 

Everytime l study and discover more about the human anatomy, l am amazed! How can anyone truly look @ the structure, design, intricacies of the human body and still doubt its Magnificent Creator; God Almighty! 

Every single thing in creation points to God. All creation is a sign post. If the human body is inadequate evidence, then consider the universe itself. Limitless and full of life, like its Creator!

How can you not see Him? The more we look, the more we ought to see Him. 

God is everywhere. His fingerprints embedded in all creation! 

All that was, is and ever will be displays His excellence!




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