Review of the book, “The Shack”.

Dear Lover of books, 

Hope you are having fun this weekend!

Books have always been a passion of mine. Books, writing and a third one, which would remain a secret for now. *Wink. 

Below, l wrote a review of a book l read some months back. 

Some months ago, l walked into a  bookstore. Standing tall right at the center of the room, it waited. it stared right at me, as though anticipating what delight to come. There was a pull l couldn’t resist. l had come into the store with the intention to buy a good book to read that week. When l left with this book in my bag, nothing prepared me for the world l would dive into opening the pages of this amazing book. l simply couldn’t put it down. l read late into the night. When l was done reading, the emotions l felt were out of this world. 

There is something about a book that hits you right at the core of your being. “The Shack” , though a Christian fiction, contains some true life events. There were aspects that happened to the author, William P. Young. The book draws you into every emotion felt by Mack, the main character. 

It is in the deepest of pain that humanity finds God. Not that God was ever lost or missing! But we allowed pain blind us from seeing God as He is. As He always has been_ the Balm of Gilead.

It is we who were lost as we gave pain the access to the innermost parts of our being; places where only God should have the undeniable rights to. 

Another essential truth that is recurring in this book is that God meets you right where you are.  However, He doesn’t leave us there, but is ever ready to take us to where He knows we ought to be.

After reading “The Shack” those were the thoughts that stirred up in my spirit. It is a book that tears away the layers of pain and strikes right at the root of the broken heart. A father broken by the loss of his child. A man who would give his life for his daughter in a heartbeat. The anguish, sorrow, depression  that cloaks the heart as we grieve for our lost ones. As we hold tightly to the pain. Is it that there is some sort of surreal comfort in that pain? Often it is because we are scared to probe the center of despair or release it. 

Those of you who have always had a certain perception of God,  get ready to be blown away by “The Shack” .  

This book reveals the process whereby God finds us in the mess and takes joy in puling us out! How God picks through the pieces of our lives, shifting us, removing the weeds, using the thorns to make us stronger and perfectly orchestrate the circumstances for His ultimate good-to fit His purpose!  

 In case you haven’t read it, do check Amazon and add it to your #2016ReadingList.


Be sure to like and post your comments below. What book are you reading or plan to read? 


À bientôt



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