Windows to the Soul

​There is something about receiving a touch from Jesus that can transform our lives. The blind men lived Iñ a world of darkness.  The blind do see, only what they see is darkness. All that can be perceived through the physical eyes elude them. They do not see the beauty of a rainbow ; the sun that burns like fire, the rose that slowly blooms in summer, the miracle of a new born child that slowly opens his eyes or even their own face. They can only imagine what it is like. Yet l think imagination cannot compare to the reality that we see.

 God will have us see much more than we can right now. But first He must trust us with what He shows us. Can God trust you? Yes, you! 

Can He trust us to speak or write what He reveals in His time? Or will we run along ahead of His plans? 

The blind men woke up that morning . It seemed like an ordinary day, yet one filled with possibilities! This was the day they would encounter their king. At the end of that day, they would stand amidst the crowd gathered to hear the Master. They would marvel at the beauty of the midnight stars and the everglowing moon. 

There is something about how a touch from God can change your plans! You realise the things you thought so dear are nothing compared to what God has for you. It births an unexplainable knowing in you that you simply must follow this Creator who knows your end from the beginning. 



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