The Cross

A Symbol
Of God’ s Love for mankind.
His eyes ran to and fro
In search of one
Who is worthy
To bridge the gap.

He found the one
A part of Himself
one so precious, so beloved
One held in high esteem
Lavishly He gave Him
His proof of love
His gift of mercy
With you in mind
A priceless gift
One sent to restore the broken order

So He came
Born of a virgin
Seed of God
The sacrificial lamb
In human flesh came He
To perform the will of His Father.
To fulfill the scriptures

Miracles of unusual kind
He performed
He was the Word come alive!
He lived as a man 
Yet was more than a man
He was God in Human form

A Remission for sin. 
In Him was laid
All the plagues of the world
Bruised beyond recognition
Tortured without mercy.
Yet He was the embodiment of Innocence.
Deemed guilty
Yet without blemish

He was the Ransom 
For a world gone wrong
A place of chaos
The world was the Price
He was the sacrifice
The cross was the altar
He, the spotless Lamb.


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