Our Heart’s song

Dear Friends, 

The New Year begins for many on a note of deep contemplation. We ponder not just the past but most importantly, how our actions in the year ahead can create the future we desire.  In the midst of the festivity and celebrations, there was this renewed urgency in my Spirit to pray more. Time and again, there are changes we desire that require an earth shaking (or should I say body shaking) sacrifice. Prayer brings it close to home in such times; when we feel we have done all we can and all that is left is the move of God.

Prayer is the spiritual elixir that shakes the unseen realm, not because of the eloquence of the seeker but as a result of the call of His spirit to His creator. Seeking fellowship, seeking comfort, seeking help!

Our prayers resonates through the Heavens and stirs up response in the Father’s heart.

The amazing thing is that I believe even before we decide to pray, our spirits are ready and ever so willing to call on the Maker, to commune with the lover of our soul. To the one who is more real than the beat of our hearts!

And as we lift our hands; fall on our knees, raise our heads to look up @ the Ancient of Days, it is His delight, His special pleasure to hear us, answer our cries and bless us without restraint.

There are times when it seems we have not the words in man’s vocabulary to speak. Times when the words are too heavy, our hearts have been crushed and filled with pain. We wonder, “How can we survive?” We are fatigued by the battles and cares of life.

We don’t seem to be able to shed tears anymore, yet that pulsating desire to talk to God wakes us at night. To cry to Him; rant at Him like Habakkuk did, when the burdens are just too strong for our shoulders. Question Him and fall broken before Him. Like Jacob refusing to let Him go, till He blesses us and brings to pass His promises in our lives. Although, it appears there is a battle raging and we are caught in the crossfire, there is still that flutter in our hearts, like the butterfly who stirs from the cocoon. 

Our spirits leap in joy and though we may have not the words to say, our silence speaks louder than any human tongue ever could.

The Master architect of our lives; the One who delights in us, speaks in our stead. He makes sense of the pain in our hearts, of our wordless signs and intercedes for us!



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