The Big Picture

The painting stood on the wall. Distinct and yet as though incomplete. It hung in a gallery surrounded by famous portraits. It was not familiar; but there was something about the painting that speaks to you, catches your attention from afar. It wasn’t the beauty of the painting. As you look closely, you see the painstaking details; the unusual color combination and the excellent sketches. The painting told of stories long ago and far away. 

It is wisdom when one realize that it is not all about us. It’s not about whether we have done everything right; it’s about the fact that we put our faith in Jesus. God doesn’t move in your life because you do everything right, He moves because of your faith in Jesus.

When the storms of life come, we must of a great necessity look beyond the storm and keep our gaze on the end we desire. We may not know how or when that dream will manifest but the ability to hold strong is inherent in each of us. Like our Father Almighty, who sees the end from the beginning,  we must visualize with the eyes of our Spirit. Often times, victory comes not only with knowledge but with faith. 

What is Faith if not the ability to see that which does not yet exist anywhere else but in your Spirit and in your mind? Who is our model of Faith if not Abraham, the man who believed and took possession of a land he had never heard about?  The man who his own body for many years told him his time for an heir was long past. But Abraham looked beyond the physical limitations of his body and of time.

Everyday we must release our faith to pull from the Spirit realm unseen realities into this physical realm. We must permit our faith to be radical!


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