Called to Wait

It is always a delight to receive a mail that just says it all! You wonder,  “How did he know that was what l had in mind for weeks? 

Still on this, consider ” incubation”.

Enjoy #October

Hi Adaze,

We don’t like to wait. We are the giddy-up generation. We frown at the person who takes eleven items into the ten-item express checkout. We drum our fingers while the microwave heats our coffee. Come on, come on. We don’t like to wait.

But look around you. Do you realize where we sit? This planet is God’s waiting room. The young couple? Waiting to get pregnant. The guy with the briefcase? Waiting for work. Waiting on God to give, to help…waiting on God to come. The land of waiting. And you? Are you in God’s waiting room? You may be infertile or inactive, in limbo, in between jobs or in search of a house, spouse, health, or help.

Here’s what you need to know. While you wait, God works! God never twiddles His thumbs. He never stops. Just because you are idle, don’t assume God is. Trust Him and, in the right time, you’ll get through this.

Culled From Christian Cinema Newsletter

Max Lucado
Author, Preaching Minister
Oak Hills Church

From God is With You Every Day


One thought on “Called to Wait

  1. I love your post, simple and right to the point. Thanks for the reminder. I am currently writing a blog on waiting. There is truly so much that goes on in the middle of our wait that in the painful moment-is not obvious to us but waiting produces so much in our lives. I believe it’s even a necessary part of our growth process.


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