The Law of Trust

“The moment you learn the lesson, the test will be over.” 
― Henna Sohail

Scene One

You have your boarding pass in your hands. You walk to check in. In the plane, you sit down and go through the familiar motions of seat belt and all that.  Soon the flight is ready to take off. The pilot voice is heard as he introduces himself. The plane is soon airborne. 

You relax, decide to watch a movie or even spy on your fellow passengers. After some minutes, spying gets tiring, sleep beakons. 

You just put your life in the hands of a stranger, the pilot of that plane.  How can you be certain he is qualified to fly that plane? What if he took some shorts of whiskey before the flight? Yet for some reason you trust him or rather the airline he represents enough to commit your life to his hands for that six hours flight. 

There are various levels of trust. 

It has come to my understanding that there are many things we go through in life that we will never understand this side of the earth. Does that mean we should pray to avoid those things? 

I believe that in the course of our walk with God, there are many occasions He will ask us to do things that seem humanly irrational. Things we just cannot discern. I like to think of it as a new level with God. One of total, absolute trust.

 The hymn “Trust and obey” aptly comes to mind!

We may never know the reasons some things occur, but we can be rest assured it will work out for our good. According to God’s perfect master plan. 

The law of trust states that, even when the circumstances are yet to change, or conform to your desire, Trust God! 

Even when all hell seem to be breaking loose and it appears you are without an anchor, Trust God! 

When the arrows seem to be coming at you from various directions, Stand and Trust God!  

It requires a leap of Faith. To know God is to love Him. To love Him is to follow Him all the way.  “Blindly” as some may say, yet l believe you can’t be blind when the one you follow knows the end from the beginning! 

The One you follow sees the finish line from the start. 



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