The Rock

​When my heart is overwhelmed Lord, lead me to the rock that is higher than l. 

What do you do when you heart is broken? Literally broken to pieces and you don’t know where to begin the mending process. And sometimes you wonder if you truly can heal from this deep excruciating pain. Some people may never have had the misfortune of experiencing this pain. The kind that rips through you mercilessly and rips you apart at the same time. The kind of pain that make you begin to question God like Job did. You ask Him to answer you and yet all you hear is the sound of your heart bleeding afresh. All around you is silence. 

The painful kind.

You feel lost, alone, cut off from the rest of the world. It may be your body that is failing to conform, your memory, a broken relationship, even the loss of a loved one, your marriage, and your business. It’s as though there is no help for you anymore. Often when crisis occur, we tend to run from God, instead of running to Him. It is easier in a way to put the blame on Him. After all He is God Almighty! He should have prevented it in the initial stage before the problem became a mountain that looms over our heads. Like the First Adam, we look for who to cast the blame on.

 It is wisdom to realize that all things happen for a reason. 

We may never know the reason in this realm. But our faith must remain strong in the One who sees all, knows all and can turn these circumstances to somehow fit into His plan for our lives. The only one who can turn the mess of our lives into miracles. In the midst of the tears, the sorrows, the pain, in spite of the darkness, the light will shine again.

The rain will flood our lives and all we will see is glory. 

The Glory of God. 


One thought on “The Rock

  1. It is also wisdom to realize that a lot of things happen bcos of lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6. But in all God promised it will all work together for good, even our mistakes. Thumbs up


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